Playing Catch-Up and Looking Ahead

So it’s been a while since I’ve added any new content (nearly 6 months).  Between the holidays, focusing a lot more at work, and also blogging for work I have been neglecting my personal brand and blog for too long.  So what does that mean?

New Theme Coming

One items I’m excited about is that I’m working on creating a new theme for the blog.  Having not created a WordPress Theme before, it’s been an interesting learning experience to say the least.  Here’s a screenshot of the design:

New Blog Design for the Site
An concept of the new blog theme I’ll be rolling out soon.


New Blog Series

One of the largest pet projects I’ve been working on is refining how I do wireframes both at home and at work.  While this doesn’t sound exciting, it’s a different approach them many of the “responsive wireframe” tutorials that are popping up.  Expect to see more posts in the near future on how I’m using Node.JS and other technologies to provide a more meaningful story when wireframing.

Upcoming Presentation

Along with the blog posts, I’m in the process of creating a presentation for the Kansas City Developers Conference happening in early May.  Once such is done, I’ll be working on converting it into a narrated video for attendees and my wider blog audience as well.

More To Come

All in all, you can expect more content and general content coming in the near future.  It’s going to be a great 2013 – I just need to play a little catch up to make up the lost time.


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