Getting to Know Chrome’s Development Tools

This past Saturday (May 5th, 2012) I attended and presented at the Iowa Code Camp in Cedar Rapids, IA, USA.  The event was filled with a number of great speakers from the midwest discussing anything from code to start-ups to jobs and tools.

One of the presentations that I gave on that day focused on getting people familiar with Chrome’s development tools.  While this is a topic I could present for 2-3 hours, the time slot was only an hour so the content had to be truncated a bit.  If you are curious to see the presentation, please feel free to check out the recording below.

Due to technical difficulties with the camera, the last 10 minutes of the presentation were not recorded.  The primary item that was discussed during that time was Chrome’s SourceMap feature that allows a combined, minified version of JavaScript to be remapped to the original files; be it JavaScript, CoffeeScript, or Clojure.  You can see a demo of SourceMaps from this article on Html5Rocks.

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