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How To: Change the Sitecore Admin Login Background

This tutorial will provide you the necessary steps in order to change the Background Image of the SItecore Admin Login Screen. Changing the background image for the admin login screen is a great way to personalize an experience for the content authors, provide agency or corporate branding, or provide additional information about the site (by embedding the information into the image).

Sitecore Versions:

  • Sitecore 8.x
  • Sitecore 9.x


Step 1: Create / Select a New Background Image

Create a new image to use as the login screen background image.  To accommodate a variety of screen sizes, it is recommended the image is 2560x1600px in dimensions.  Once you have obtained the image, add it to the project so that it will be deployed with the rest of the website’s assets.

Note: When the background image is presented on the screen, it is set via the following CSS rules:

Step 2: Create a Patch File

To set the new image, you need to create a new configuration patch file within the App_Config project folder.  The patch file should contains the following code.

Step 3: Deploy and Test

With all files saved and added to the project, simply deploy the code and visit the login screen in order to verify everything is configured correctly.

Talking about Sitecore

For the last 5 years, I’ve been focusing a lot of my professional time around designing experiences around Sitecore.  For the last 3 of those years, I’ve been doing a large amount of development in the platform as well.  After that time, I still find the platform has much to learn and with every new release, another body’s worth of features and potential comes with it.

Sitecore, as a platform, is unlike any CMS platform I’ve worked with up to this point.  There are competing platforms for an enterprise level CMS; however, with so much to offer and my primary languages of choice being .Net and Node, Sitecore is an amazing platform to work within.  From a User Experience perspective, no other platform that I’ve used has the capabilities for personalization, analytics, and optimization built into it out of the box.  In many ways, it’s an ideal platform for someone like myself who has experiences with Marketing Technologies, Design Research, and Development.

As I continue to work within the platform from the perspective of each of these 3 areas, I plan to document a variety of tutorials and strategies here.  This is for my own reference; however, like any public blog – I also hope someone will discover such and find value from such as well.