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DateValidator – Simple Validation for Node.js

While I’m passionate about user experience, I also spend a lot of time working on various development projects as well.  Recently, I’ve focused most of my efforts behind Node.js and have enjoyed it thoroughly.  The amount of passion and adoption I see around the language astounds me since the language was created just back in 2009.  Though, since Node is written on top of JavaScript, it feels like a much more mature language.  Sadly though, JavaScript isn’t perfect and is missing a lot of common features that other languages have.  Thankfully, the Node community has helped in these shortcomings though the use of NPM, Node’s package management system.

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Getting to Know Chrome’s Development Tools

This past Saturday (May 5th, 2012) I attended and presented at the Iowa Code Camp in Cedar Rapids, IA, USA.  The event was filled with a number of great speakers from the midwest discussing anything from code to start-ups to jobs and tools.

One of the presentations that I gave on that day focused on getting people familiar with Chrome’s development tools.  While this is a topic I could present for 2-3 hours, the time slot was only an hour so the content had to be truncated a bit.  If you are curious to see the presentation, please feel free to check out the recording below.

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